Automatic Carton Folding & Pasting Machine

Carton Folding and Pasting Machine is a folding cum gluing machine for the manufacture of cartons in packaging of pharmaceuticals products, food stuff, detergents and many other products.
High versatile, dependable and capable of making large range of carton, with tuck in type or automatic lock bottoms

  • Adjustable Collector and Pressing Unit
  • Final Fold with Belt and Rollers
  • Ejector Unit with Electronic Counting Device
  • Left Hand Bottom gluing Unit
  • Automatic, Bottom feed Friction Feeder with Electro-Magnetic Clutch Brake and Variable speed arrangements
  • Pre-folding section
  • Adjustable Fold-on type lock bottom gluing unit
  • An Electronic counter totals and batches

Specifications of Automatic Carton Folding & Pasting Machine

Model 35 Cm 45 Cm 65 Cm
Convertable Material Solid Board Solid Board Solid Board
Size Width ( Open Blank Maximum ) 35 Cm 45 Cm 65 Cm
Minimum ( Open Blank ) 6.5 Cm 6.5 Cm 6.5 Cm
Drive : DC Motor Speed Variable 5 HP 5 HP 5HP
Speed ft per minute 600 600 600
Length of the Machine in Ft 24 24 24
Width of the Machine in Ft 3 4 4.3