Automatic Reel to Sheet Ruling Machine

The machine processes one paper roll to print 3 colours simultaneously on both sides of the paper and deliver the product in open sheets. The machine has been specifically designed keeping in view the quick changeover in sheet size with simplest changeover mechanism. Basic machine comprise of 1 Unwind Unit to support paper roll upto max width of 36″, 1 Printing Tower to print 3 colours at a time on both sides of the paper using set of Ruling Discs and Nylo plate strips & 1 Sheeter Unit capable of providing cut-off as required. Cut-off range is from 42 cms to 69 cms

Specifications of Automatic Reel to Sheet Ruling Machine

Machine Size 91 Cms (36″)
Reel Width Max 91 Cms Min 35 Cms
Reel Dia 120 Cms
Core Dia 70-110 Cms
Reel Weight 500 Kgs Max.
Colours 3 Colours , 4 Colours on Each Side
Output 100 Meters per Minute
Ruling-Printing 90 Cms
Cutting Length 35-88 Cms
Power 3 HP + 3HP + 1 HP + 0.5 HP
Stack Height 150 Cms