Lamination Machine

BASIC DESCRIPTION of Lamination Machine:
Lamination machine is particularly designed to meet generally demand of film lamination jobs, examples like Poster, Greeting Cards, Book Titles, Card board cartons, Folding boxes etc.


  • Provision for Roll to Roll Lamination.
  • Extended Feeding Table.
  • Variable Speed Drive Controls.
  • Film Sliting Attachment.
  • Wrinkle Free Lamination.
  • Machine is also suitable for strip Lamination.Specifications of Lamination Machine

Specifications of Lamination Machine

Size 24″(610mm) 30″(760mm) 36″(915mm) 42″(1065mm)
Max.Laminating Width 610 mm x any length 760 mm x any length 935 mm x any length 1065 mm x any length
Speed 0-600 mt. /Hr. 0-550 mt./Hr. 0-550 mt./Hr. 0-550 mt./Hr.
Max. Film Roll Width 610mm 760mm 915mm 1065mm
Max.Film Roll Diameter 305mm 305mm 305mm 305mm
Power Required 220V DC Motor 0.8KW 1.2KW 1.5KW 1.5KW
Weight Approx. 100 Kg 1400Kg 1600Kg 1800Kg