Paper Napkin Machine Variable Size

Each Printing Unit Consits of

  • Stereo Cylinder Changable from 9″ – 13″
  • Forward and Backward Adjustment.
  • One Ink Roller Dipped in Duct.
  • One Ink Carrying Roller could be adjustable for the required ink.

Embossing Unit

  • One Hard Chrome Plated Design Roller.
  • One Bowl Paper Roller.

Folding Unit

  • Rotary Cutting System.
  • One Drum.
  • Stacking Plate Form.
  • Automatic Electronics Counter.

Specifications of Paper Napkin Folding Machine

Size 9″ to 13″ Napkin
Speed 150-200 Sheets Per Minute
Printing 2 Colours Flexo Printing
Power 2 HP DC Drive
Raw Material Tissue 21 to 27 gsm
Width 9″ x13″
Max. Unwinding Dia 40″
Inner Core Dia 3″

Embossing Roller for Paper Napkin Machine