Tube Recutting Machine

Paper tube cutting of any width (tube cutting by pneumatic system. Tube feeding and ejection by manual).

Machine features

  • Paper Tube Recutter is operated pneumatically.
  • Score Knife cutting gives a perfect and neat cut edge of desired short tube.
  • Paper Tube recutter is provided for further cutting of long paper tube.

Specifications of Tube Recutting Machine

Model FEC 202H FEC 202M FEC 202S
Applicable ID of Tube 25-200 mm 20-150 mm 12-60 mm
Applicable Wall Thickness 1 -15 mm 1- 9 mm 1 – 3 mm
Applicable Parent Tube Length 1000 mm 600 mm 400 mm
Applicable Cut Piece Length 60 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Main Drive Motor 2 HP 2 HP 1 HP
Score Cutting Knives 6 Pcs 6 Pcs 4 Pcs